Personalized College Gift Baskets!

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What's in your basket

Our Pretzels

Our variety of chocolate dipped pretzels are custom dipped for your basket. We use a variety of different chocolates and designs to create the perfect variety for your roommate.

Oreos & Logo

We dip all Oreos in chocolate and cover them in sprinkles of your college’s colors, then apply your college logo!

Special Message

Write in a message to your roommate and we will hand-write the message and place it in your gift basket.

Our Gift Baskets

Don't see your college??

No need to worry! We are committed to fulfilling orders for any college. Click below to customize your order!

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Did we say chocolate??

We sure did! All our goodies are made with 100% real chocolate that at one point took the form of a chocolate chip. We take pride in our ingredients. We exclusively use Ghirardelli chocolate to maintain our premium ingredients.

What's special about your basket?

It is fully environmentally sustainable and decomposable, from the eco-friendly plates made from birch wood to the paper confetti. We take pride in our mission to help the planet.